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Community Action Plans

Community Action Plans (CAPs) are a tool for communities to identify their priority issues and generate the resources and commitment to address them.  To negotiate with public organisations where their input is required, it is necessary that CAPs can demonstrate that they have been developed inclusively and using robust evidence.  In Aberdeenshire, it has been agreed that to be recognised by Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership (ACPP) and receive funding from the Aberdeenshire Rural Partnership Federation, a CAP will have received input and, if appropriate, support from the local Rural Area Partnership.

Interested in Developing a Community Action Plan?

If you are interested in develop a Community Action Plan in your area please contact the Kincardine and Mearns Area Office, Mearns Area Partnership or the Kincardineshire Development Partnership.  Our K&M CAP Flowchart provides an overview of the process and support available.

For more information regarding support for community organisations to develop CAPs and other projects please read our Understanding between Community Organisations and Aberdeenshire Council