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What is a Community Plan?

A Community Plan brings together the plans of a range of public services, community groups and voluntary organisations and sets out the actions and priorities for your local area for the next 3 years. The local Community Plans are informed by and inform the Single Outcome Agreement for Aberdeenshire.

The current Community Plan runs from 2016-2019.

Part 1 contains the information and background of the plan. This includes a summary and sets out the priorities of the BLCPG. Part 2 contains the actions which partners strive towards to achieve the priorities set out in Part 1.

Part 2 is a live document which will be updated and changed as actions are completed by partners.

Copies of previous plans are available to view in the resources section.

Buchan Local Community Plan 2016-2019 Front Cover

Our priorities for 2016-2019

  • Successful, inclusive, resilient communities with the confidence, capability and capacity to tackle the things that matter to them
  • Reductions in inequalities in health outcomes between communities and across Aberdeenshire
  • Older people will live independent, healthier lives for longer in a homely environment, in a community which respects and values them
  • Children have the best start in life
  • Aberdeenshire is the safest place in Scotland
  • Aberdeenshire will be recognised as a great place to live, work, invest with opportunity for all

How do we monitor progress?

The BLCPG meets on a six weekly basis to discuss progress. Additionally, the BLCPG meets with the Buchan Area Committee and Aberdeenshire Council’s Buchan Area Management Team on a six monthly basis to monitor progress and an annual report is produced for the Community Planning Board each year. See the ‘Performance’ section of the website.

Plans remain as ‘live’ documents throughout their lifespan – with actions added and deleted as necessary.

Copies of previous annual reports are available to view in the resources section.

How do you develop a Community Plan?

Community Plans are renewed every three years, in consultation with Elected Members, partners and our communities. A Strategic Assessment is produced by the Partnership Analyst to provide an overview of local needs and upcoming issues. This Strategic Assessment is then used, in conjunction with further community engagement and consultation, to inform the local priorities and actions within the Community Plan. Communities may be asked to give their views through Ward Forums, Community Council Forums, surveys, focus groups and other workshops.

Copies of previous Strategic Assessments and the results of community consultation and engagement exercises are available to view in the resources section of the website.