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Aberdeenshire Council 2017 Documents

A “State of Aberdeenshire” high level statistical report has been produced.  This will inform the publication of a more detailed Strategic Assessment.

Local Strategic Assessments (2015)

Produced by the Community Planning Partnership Analyst, these documents provide an overview of data in each of the six Local Community Planning Group areas. The short Executive Summary provides an overview of the data, whilst the Data Appendix includes more detailed graphs and charts.  A decision is to be made on when they will be updated.

Academy Profiles

These profiles map the seventeen Academy areas to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (2015).

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (2016)

The fifth edition of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) was released in August 2016.  The SIMD is used by the Scottish Government to target resources and policies at small areas and feeds into work looking at inequalities across Scotland. Amongst other local authorities and community planning partnerships, Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership use the SIMD to focus resources as part of their Single Outcome Agreement, as do Health Boards and other public and private organisations.

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) combines seven different domains of deprivation: Income, Employment, Health, Education, Skills and Training, Housing, Geographic Access to Services and Crime. These seven domains are measured using a number of indicators to form ranks for each domain. Data zones are ranked from 1 being most deprived to 6,976 being least deprived. Each of the seven domain ranks are then combined to form the overall SIMD. This provides a relative measure of deprivation at data zone level, so it tells you that one data zone is relatively more deprived than another but not how much more deprived.


The Information & Research team in Aberdeenshire Council have produced an interim report, detailing the main findings for Aberdeenshire. To view the report please visit:

Further useful research links

Census Results
Access to census data for Scotland

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (2016)
Provides access to the 2016 SIMD Portal and previous SIMD releases (SIMD newsletters also available)

ScotPHO Community Health Profiles
Community Health profiles produced by the Scottish Public Health Observatory. Available at Local Authority and Intermediate Datazone levels and allow for inter-area comparisons using Spine Charts

Health Traffic Lights
Health Traffic Lights provide a colour coded picture of health and ill health in our communities, alongside population indicators.  They make it easier to see at a glance which issues may need to be addressed and make it easier for communities and partners to understand and use health information. The Traffic Lights use information from the ScotPHO Health and Wellbeing Profiles and the data has been aggregated to postcode sector

Scottish Government Statistics
Open source statistics from the Scottish Government available on a range of topics, including; Agriculture, Social and Welfare, Lifelong Learning, Tourism and the Economy

Community Planning Outcomes Profile Tool
The Improvement Service have developed a Community Planning Outcomes Profile Tool for use by CPPs.  The tool allows CPPs to compare datazones both within and outwith their area 

Skills Development Scotland
Skills Development Scotland publish regular updates on School Leavers in Positive Destinations and Claimant Counts by CPP area. You can download copies of reports online at