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Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership set up the Tackling Poverty & Inequalities Group in order to improve the lives of disadvantaged people and areas in Aberdeenshire

Whilst Aberdeenshire compares favourably with the rest of Scotland in its overall rate for employment, there are some concentrated areas of deprivation in Fraserburgh and Peterhead.  The Tackling Poverty and Inequalities Group prioritises taking action on employability, financial inclusion, youth unemployment and information and advice services.

Some of the actions being progressed under this priority include:

  • Engaging with employers and working in partnership to deliver skills training, to ensure appropriately trained people are available for hard to fill vacancies
  • Increasing employment opportunities through Community Benefit Clauses in the procurement system
  • Working in partnership to ensure all young people who are not in a positive and sustained destination have an activity agreement
  • Recognising and supporting vulnerable customers through the Universal Credit journey towards or into work

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Tackling Poverty and Inequalities Group

Chair: Chris White, Area Manager (Buchan), Aberdeenshire Council

Lead Officer: Annette Johnson, Tackling Poverty & Inequalities Co-Ordinator, Aberdeenshire Council

Partners: Aberdeenshire Council, Elected Members, Skills Development Scotland, NHS Grampian, Health and Social Care Partnership, Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action, Department for Work and Pensions.

Minutes of the Tackling Poverty & Inequalities Group are available below.

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