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Older people will live independent, healthier lives for longer in a homely environment, in a community which respects and values them, with informal carers who receive support to continue to care

Aberdeenshire faces specific demographic challenges, including a higher-than-average life expectancy and dependency ratio. By 2020, the number of 85 year olds is predicted to rise by 75%. As people live longer and are supported in their own homes, partners will need to consider how best to ensure diversity in new build housing and maximise existing housing. Our rurality presents challenges in ensuring access to services and amenities.

Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership are responsible for delivery of key actions under this priority.

Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership:

Chair: Adam Coldwells, Chief Officer, Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership

Lead Officer: Bill Stokoe, Strategic Development Officer (Community Care), Aberdeenshire Council

Partners: Aberdeenshire Council, NHS Grampian, Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action, Alzheimer Scotland, Scottish Care

Purpose: To enable older people to achieve the vision set out in the Health and Social Care Strategy and Joint Commissioning Strategy for Older People 2013-2023 (“Ageing Well in Aberdeenshire”) by enabling older people to sustain and improve their health and wellbeing, manage their long-term condition(s), cope with disability and to live as independently as possible.

More information on Health and Social Care Integration in Aberdeenshire can be found at: http://www.nhsgrampian.co.uk/nhsgrampian/gra_display_simple_index.jsp?pContentID=9376&p_applic=CCC&p_service=Content.show&

Some of the key actions being progressed under this outcome include:

  • The creation of Community Support Networks to reduce social isolation
  • Supporting carers to ensure they are able to continue to care by offering access to flexible support
  • Providing support and guidance on how to make better and healthier life choices, including community pathways for those at risk of falls
  • Supporting housing to deliver housing priorities for older people, including sheltered and very sheltered housing
  • Sustaining and developing mechanisms for older people and informal carers to be engaged with and consulted on access to and planning of health and social care services, e.g. Your Voice forums.