NHS Grampian have launched their review of dispensing GP practices today (Monday 4th July 2016)  The review will focus on six dispensing GP practices – Auchenblae, Gardenstown, Portlethen, Rhynie, Skene and Udny Green and examine which patients would continue to have serious difficulty in accessing prescribed medications and appliances from a pharmacy. The review will also seek to establish the overall impact of any potential changes to the system.

NHS Grampian are keen to hear from patients who currently get their medicines prescribed at one of the six practices included in the review.  NHS Grampian are also keen to hear from organisations and individuals who represent the local communities served by these practices and the independent NHS contractors that provide services to these communities.

For further information and to submit your views please download a copy of the NHS Grampian Consultation Sheet Review of Dispensing GP Practices 2016 (see patient response form on page 5) or visit: www.nhsgrampian.org/involvingyou (and click on projects and consultations) or contact nhsg.involve@nhs.net

The public consultation will be open for comments until 1 October 2016