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In 2004, the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership established a citizens’ panel, Viewpoint, comprising of approximately 1250 Aberdeenshire residents. Viewpoint is broadly representative of the Aberdeenshire population and has consistently provided high response rates. Panel members are regularly consulted and invited to complete questionnaires on a wide range of topics which are of importance to local community planning partner organisations. This provides invaluable feedback which is used in the planning and delivery of local services.


How does it work?

Annually, up to four questionnaires are sent by post to Viewpoint members, each containing a number of survey topics submitted by community planning partners. These can either be completed on paper or alternatively, using an internet based link, with each survey remaining open for around three weeks.


Once the survey has closed and the results are analysed, a detailed report is prepared and passed to the relevant partner organisations. Ultimately, a Viewpoint newsletter is prepared and sent to all panel members detailing the key findings from the survey. Importantly, this newsletter also contains comment from partner representatives, who provide feedback on how they will use the survey results within their area of responsibility.

How Can I Get Involved?

On a biennial basis, a formal review of Viewpoint’s membership is undertaken to ensure it remains representative and if appropriate, a recruitment drive will be undertaken. Additionally, as panel membership levels regularly fluctuate, we welcome new applicants who wish to be considered for Viewpoint membership to fill any ongoing vacancies. Importantly, applications will be always be considered on the panel’s requirements at that specific time, including factors such as area of residence, age, gender etc., to ensure that the panel has a broad membership base. To submit an application for membership, please contact the Community Engagement Officer, details below.

Previous Questionnaires, Reports and Newsletters

A number of recent Viewpoint documents and publications can be viewed by opening the Citizens’ Panel Library page.


Any questions concerning Viewpoint – the Aberdeenshire Citizens’ Panel should be passed to:

Ian Wallace, Community Engagement Officer,