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Our vision: Working together for the best quality of life for everyone in Aberdeenshire.

Working together for the best quality of life with happy, healthy and fulfilled people, living in a healthy, safe and sustainable environment with a vibrant local economy.

Working together for everyone in Aberdeenshire by listening, involving and responding to the people in our communities and by working in partnership with our communities and local organisations to deliver more efficient and improved services which meet local needs.

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Our Principles

The partnership has developed six guiding principles, which we will use to test everything that we do. If something that we are planning as a partnership does not fit with these principles then we should not be doing it.

The principles are:

  • Inclusion
    We will ensure that our actions improve all Aberdeenshire citizens’ ability to access our services and will take account of all factors that create a barrier to this. We will encourage equal opportunities and will observe any national requirements on these.
  • Accountability
    We will make ourselves answerable to the communities and people of Aberdeenshire and keep them informed of, and seek their views on, what we are doing.
  • Partnership
    We will work together with our partners and the people of Aberdeenshire to achieve our vision and will encourage communities to recognise their important role in sharing in community planning work.
  • Evidence-based
    We will ensure that our actions are based on clear evidence and information and are derived from what the community wants.
  • Sustainability
    We will work to ensure that our actions are sustainable and meet the needs of the current generation of Aberdeenshire’s people without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Efficiency
    We will aim to be as efficient as possible with resources and use them to provide as effective services as possible.

Commitment to Equalities

Community planning involves working with all communities in Aberdeenshire.  The Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership is aware that certain groups or individuals may be more disadvantaged or vulnerable for reasons such as age, disability, gender, race or ethnicity, religious or political beliefs or sexual orientation.  We will strive to improve the quality of life for all people of Aberdeenshire and will not discriminate for any of the above reasons.

Equalities Schemes

Public bodies have a number of legal duties laid upon them in relation to various aspects of equality.  Please find links to information about our partners’ equality and diversity schemes below: